AKS 88|BM 180

AKS 88|BM 180


A large, robust ride-on sweeper with emission-free battery operation for professional sweeping results even under heavy-duty conditions. Two side brushes integrated as standard and a self-adjusting brush roller create a total working width of 1440 mm and achieve the best sweeping results, reaching up to 11,500 m²/h. Two powerful suction motors generate amazing suction results without dust turbulence. The large polyester pocket filter with an 11 m² filtrating surface can be cleaned with the electric filter shaker during operation. With the versatile accessories, this ride-on sweeper can be perfectly configured for all requirements.

Technical key data
  • Theoretical coverage max. 11500 m²/h
  • Working width max.1440 mm
  • Suction yes

  • Traction back wheel

  • Brush motor no
AKS 88|BM 180
Product highlights
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Overthrow principle

Effective sweeping: swept-up waste container is filled to the maximum for longer operating periods.

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Powerful suction system

Outstanding suction: two powerful suction motors suck in dust particles for a dust-free environment.

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Electrical filter shaker

Simply shake the filter during normal operations to achieve constantly good sweeping and suction results.

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Traction drive protection

Filters, brush unit and motor all installed separately from each other to guarantee years of reliable operation.

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Extra-large filter area

The 11m² filter area of the polyester pocket filter can pick up even the finest dusts.

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High dumping system as standard

The hydraulically operated high dumping system lifts up to heights 40 to 143 cm for emptying directly into the container.

  • Sweep right up to the edge

Sweeps thoroughly in every corner, and right up to the wall.

  • Easy-to-service components

Well thought-through design provides quick and easy access to all vital machine components.

  • Bulk waste flap

Easily picks up coarse particles during normal operations.

  • Break in suction flow

Protects the filter when moving over wet surfaces.

  • Non-marking equipment

Sweeps clean without leaving a trace: non-marking wheels and lateral sealing rubbers for indoor use.

  • Steel frame

Extremely robust steel construction. Shock absorbers on the side brushes protect the machine and other objects alike.

  • Self-levelling brush system

Always guarantees the best sweeping result: the brush roller automatically adjusts to the correct height.

  • Chain drive

Powerful, low-maintenance: brush roller chain drive.

  • Standard: extremely robust sweeping tools

Polypropylene brushes and side brushes: designed to handle the most challenging tasks.

AKS 88|BM 180
Optional equipment
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Brush and side brushes made of PP + wire

Optimum dust absorption and low wear when used on coarse surfaces, especially outdoors.

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Roller Brush Nature

Optimum dust absorption on sensitive surfaces is possible with soft natural bristles.

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Fine dust polyester filter

Maximum filtration for all fine dust applications.

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Polyesterfilter M-BIA

Polyester pocket filter classified according to BIA, filtration level M.

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Protective roof

Maximum safety for use in high-bay warehouses. Meets IEC 60335-2-72 requirements.

AKS 88|BM 180
Technical data
Technical Data
L x W x H 1860 x 1245 x 1545 mm
Sweeping principle overthrow
Working width w/o side brushes 880 mm
with 1 side brush 1160 mm
with 2 side brushes 1440 mm
Empty weight w/o battery 684 kg
Operating weight 1119 kg
Traction / drive
Mode of drive electro motor
Performance 480 Ah 5 (6-7 h)
Traction drive back wheel
Climbing ability 16 %
Speed max 7,9 km/h
Dust suction yes
Waste container 180 l
Filter size 11 m²
Shaker electric
AKS 88|BM 180