Transport / logistics

Transport / logistics


In an industry where success depends directly on speed and optimised workflows, fast and thorough cleaning is essential. Our machine and service concept enable you to manage the thorough cleaning of traffic routes, warehouse and picking areas, in vehicles and offices just in time – and always with the same high quality.

Traffic routes, warehouse, picking areas, vehicles and offices
Systematic cleaning solutions
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Super suction

Clean quickly and effectively with columbus: the powerful suction system guarantees streak-free and immediately accessible floors.

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Robust and reliable

Working economically with columbus machines: the robust and service-friendly design ensures very low follow-up costs.

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Variable brush pressure

Adaptable to every need: the brush pressure of our scrubber dryers can be individually adapted to the object-related requirements.

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Long working intervals

The columbus battery concept allows you an optimal energy supply, especially adapted to your needs.

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Always ready for use

With our extended range of services, your machinery is always optimally supplied.

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Financially flexible

Our attractive rental and financing concepts give you more scope for your projects.

Transport / logistics
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    Our bestseller for logistics

    RA 66|BM 60 IND

    • Tank capacity60 l
    • Working width660 mm
    • Theoretical coverage max.2640 m²/h
    Technical key data
    • L x W x H1375 x 680 x 1100 mm
    • Working width660 mm
    • Suction width980 mm
    • Theoretical coverage max.2640 m²/h
    • Noise level61 / 58 dB(A)
    • Empty weight147 kg
    • Operating weight331 kg (180 Ah 5)
    Batteries / electrical data
    • Rated voltage24 V
    • Power max.1240 W
    • Power cable-
    • Capacity wet175 Ah 5
    • Capacity gel180 Ah 5
    • Solution tank capacity60 l
    • Recovery tank capacity60 l
    • Low pressure max.110 mbar
    • Air flow max.32 l/s
    • Power max.300 W
    • Speed max.6 km/h
    Brushes and pad holders
    • Number2
    • Speed180 rpm
    • Brush pressure40 kg

    ARA 100|BM 200

    • Tank capacity200 l
    • Working width1020 mm
    • Theoretical coverage max.9000 m²/h
    • L x W x H1990 x 1120 x 1455 mm
    • Working width 1020 mm
    • Suction wodth1200 mm
    • Theoretical coverage max.9000 m²/h
    • Noise level62 dB(A)
    • Empty weigth465 kg
    • Operating weight1140 kg (330 Ah 5)
    Batteries / Elektr. Data
    • Rated voltage36 V
    • Power, max.3750 W
    • Capacity wet, max.330 Ah 5
    • Capacity gel, max.285 Ah 5
    • Solution tank capacity200 l
    • Recovery tank capacity220 l
    • Suction motor: low pressure, max.230 mbar
    • Suction motor: air flow, max.32 l/s
    • Traktion: power max.1400 W
    • Traktion: speed max.9 km/h
    Brushes and pad holders
    • Numbers2
    • Speed180 rpm
    • Brush pressure max. 100 kg