Financing solutions

Financing solutions
The benefits to you

Our machines aren’t the only things that are flexible – our financing options are too. Whether lease or hire, our alternatives to cash purchase provide you with tangible economic benefits.

No equity investment, more leeway.

Low monthly rates, higher liquidity.

No bank loans or deposited securities.

Full cost control, maximum profitability.

Financing solutions

Depending on your exact needs, you can choose a lease contract with our partner bank or a hire solution directly from us. If you only need a short-term solution – due to a one-off order or a machine urgently required for a specific application, for instance – we can also support you with a cost-effective short-term hire solution.

Lease Hire Short-term hire
Contractual partner Leasing bank columbus columbus
Minimum term 2 years 4 years 1 day
Full service Optional Inclusive Inklusive
Return breakage At end of contract At end of contract or due to non-culpable * Possible at any time
Purchase offer At end of contract At end of contract At end of contract

*The ability to return a machine prematurely in the event of non-culpable breakage is a goodwill gesture aimed specifically at building services providers, one that we are able to offer as our hire program is run in-house.

Hire purchase

As an additional option, we offer hire purchase, which can be attractive in certain situations (such as in the case of government subsidies).

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