A clean cut decision
Clean cut decision

columbus has been honoured with an award at the Muse Creative Awards in New York for its new Corporate Design. The international design award underscores the high quality and progressiveness of the new brand appearance.

With submissions from 40 countries, the Muse Creative Award 2018 honours internationally ground- breaking projects in various design disciplines. “We recognise ground-breaking achievements by designers, marketing experts, artists, photographers and digital professionals influencing trends in the global creative industry”, said Kenjo Ong, President of the International Awards Associates (IAA). Submitted works include selected projects by top international brands such as Nike, Porsche, Siemens, Disney, Samsung, MasterCard and many more. columbus’ new brand identity was developed in partnership with the Stuttgart-based design agency FG Branddesign. The objective was to give the well-known strengths of the brand – in particular the high product and service quality – a modern, self-confident and innovative form of expression. To achieve this, the corporate design consciously implements expressive worlds of application, striking typography and iconography, an independent visual language and a very concise colour theme. This sharpens the image of a leading international brand that questions the status quo and promotes targeted solutions. At the same time, the slightly modified “Clean Quality” claim elevates the promise of cleanliness to the brand principle that extends from product development through to service.