April 2019

Big in class: the new 90-liter-scrubber dryer
Die neue 90-Liter-Klasse

More effective cleaning on medium and large surfaces in trade and industry: RA 85|BM 90

The 90-litre walk-behind scrubber dryer with traction drive was specially developed for the requirements of service providers in trade and industry to achieve maximum effectiveness and cleaning performance on medium and large surfaces. RA stands for “Reinigungsautomat” (automatic cleaning machine), 85 for 850 mm working width, BM for battery version with traction motor and the 90 stands for a fresh water tank capacity of 90 litres. In spite of the large capacity 90-litre fresh water tank and 95-litre waste water tank, the design is compact and dynamic. The machine makes a robust and durable impression without looking bulky. And it is unmistakably a “columbus”, visually fitting right into the range of columbus cleaning machines, yet also being an unequivocal expression of the further development within the product segment. Special attention is paid to the needs of the users to incorporate all aspects of ergonomics alongside modern technology.

Ergonomic working on large surfaces

The machine is equipped with a traction motor and, in spite of its size, is very easy to guide. The small turning circle of just 1.9 m enables easy manoeuvring, even in tight spaces. The functional control panel is clear and intuitive, making it easy to operate for any operator. The individually adjustable steering handle enables both short and tall operators to work ergonomically.

Technology: Innovative features

The newly developed brush deck with a working width of 850 mm can be raised and lowered electrically. Extremely short set-up times are made possible on the one hand by the automatic brush holder with which the working tools can be changed quickly and easily, and on the other by the integrated Quick-Fill connection with which the machine can be quickly filled with 90 litres of fresh water. Two powerful 800-watt brush motors and an adjustable brush pressure from 43 to 73 kg guarantee first-class cleaning results even on heavily soiled floors. With the integrated chemical
dosing system, precise and constant dosing of the cleaning chemicals is possible: this saves chemicals, which is good for your budget and the environment. The low noise level of 60 dB even allows cleaning during business hours. The sturdy 980 mm wide suction nozzle sucks up the dirt without leaving any residue even on tight bends, leaving the floor streak-free and immediately accessible.

User-friendly operation

With a total length of 138 cm, the RA 85|BM 90 fits into all common elevators and, with a width of 980 mm, passing through doors is easy. The clear operator display panel provides good all-round visibility and is self-explanatory: there is an on/off switch for the traction motor, suction and brush, a rotary control for adjustable speed up to 6 km/h and a lever for lowering the suction foot. The brush deck is lowered by a servomotor at the push of a button. Another practical feature is the long drain hose, which enables targeted and controlled waste water tank emptying. Both the fresh water tank and the waste water tank can be cleaned thoroughly and easily: the lid seals on the waste water tank are easy to change without tools and the tank is easy to access via the large clean-out flaps. The fresh water tank can be kept hygienically clean via the inspection opening in accordance with HACCP regulations. For long work shifts of up to five hours, the walk-behind scrubber can also be fitted with powerful batteries (285 Ah 5, gel).