February 2022

columbus machines with green cleaning certificate

EUnited Cleaning has launched its new Green Cleaning video

columbus is part of the EUnited Cleaning “Green Cleaning” initiative.

EUnited Cleaning’s green cleaning label was developed by international leading manufacturers of scubber dryers and is based on international standards and European technical specifications. Scrubber dryers labelled with the green cleaning label are certified as efficient and sustainable.

The following scrubber dryers from columbus are certified:

RA 35|B 10                              RA 35|K 10                            RA 43|B 20                              RA 43|B 40

RA 43|BM 40                          RA 43|K 40                            RA 55|BM 40                          RA 55|K 40

For more information about the Green Cleaning Test and Label, visit the EUnited website!