ARA 80|BM 100

ARA 80|BM 100


Simply clever: This sturdy ride-on scrubber dryer is characterized by its easy operation and reliable components. The high battery capacity enables efficient operation for up to eight hours. The compact dimensions and the small turning radius ensure optimum use even in the most confined spaces and problem-free transport in all conventional lifts. With a working width of 80 cm, this ride-on scrubber dryer is ideal for use on large areas and as a noBAC® version for use in buildings with special hygiene requirements.

Technical key data
  • Tank capacity 100 l

  • Working width 800 mm

  • Theoretical coverage max. 5600 m²/h

  • Brush pressure 50 kg
ARA 80|BM 100
Product highlights
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Very robust mechanics

Only truly durable machines are also truly green.

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Ergonomic machine design

Fatigue-free riding position with good all-round visibility, ideal for longer operating periods and cleaning large areas.

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Tight turning circle

Unbeatable manoeuvrability.

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Superb suction

Guarantees streak-free floors that can be walked on immediately after cleaning.

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High brush pressure

Excellent cleaning result with the lowest possible amounts of water and chemicals, even on very dirty surfaces.

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Easy-to-service components

Well thought-through design provides quick and easy access to all vital machine components.

  • Clean right up to the edge

Perfect cleaning result, right up to the wall.

  • Sized to fit in lifts

The machine can be transported in any standard lift.

  • Toolflex as standard

Never without a mop.

  • Integrated bottle holder

Pre-spray bottle always ready to hand.

  • Made in Germany

Quality from Germany.

  • Tested and certified by DEKRA

Quality tested and certified by the world’s leading body of experts.

ARA 80|BM 100
Optional equipment
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V-Eraser mop and wipe disinfection

WHO- and RKI-compliant mop and wipe disinfection on medium to large surfaces.

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silent Version

For cleaning in noise-sensitive areas or during business hours.

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With antibacterial tanks for all applications with high hygienic requirements.

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ECD – electronic Chemical dosing system

Only as much chemicals as absolutely necessary; this is good for the environment and the budget.

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EWD – electronic water dosing system

Cleaning operations with constant water quantity for consistently good cleaning quality.

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Maximum operational safety due to rotating beacon.

  • Tyre equipment „comfort plus“

Different type of Tyres for greater driving comfort.

  • Integrated charger

Charge the battery anywhere, with the high-quality integrated charger.

ARA 80|BM 100
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 1380 x 730 x 1325 mm
Working width 800 mm
Suction width 980 mm
Theoretical coverage max. 5600 m²/h
Noise level 64 / 60 dB(A) *
Empty weight 263 kg
Operating weight 695 kg (320 Ah 5)
Batteries / Electrical data
Rated voltage 24 V
Power max. 2290 W
Capacity wet 250 Ah 5** / 320 Ah 5
Capacity gel 240 Ah 5** / 280 Ah 5

* silent version, optional
** with integrated charger

Solution tank capacity 100 l
Recovery tank capacity 115 l
Suction: low pressure 170 mbar
Suction: air flow 33 l/s
Traction: power 750 W
Traction: speed 7 km/h
Brushes and pad holders
Number 2
Speed 160 rpm
Brush pressure 50 kg
ARA 80|BM 100