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KS 51|VM 45 M

KS 51|VM 45 M


This hand-operated, extremely robust sweeper with perfect suction, large filter surface and manual filter shaker excels on heavily soiled surfaces. This version with petrol motor is particularly well suited for outdoor and heavy-duty use.

Technical key data
  • Theoretical coverage max. 2720 m²/h

  • Working width max.680 mm
  • Suction yes

  • Brush motor yes

KS 51|VM 45 M
Product highlights
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Overthrow principle

Effective sweeping: swept-up waste container is filled to the maximum for longer operating periods.

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Mechanical filter shaker

Simply shake the filter during normal operations to achieve constantly good sweeping and suction results.

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Break in suction flow

Protects the filter when moving over wet surfaces.

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Traction drive protection

Filters, brush unit and motor all installed separately from each other to guarantee years of reliable operation.

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Large flat pleated filter

Large flat pleated polyester filter with 2m² filter area.

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Extendible swept-up waste container

The plastic swept-up waste container can be emptied quickly and easily.

  • Bulk waste flap

Easily picks up coarse particles during normal operations.

  • Friction wheel drive

Works tirelessly, even over longer periods of operation.

  • Easy-to-service components

Well thought-through design provides quick and easy access to all vital machine components.

  • Large swept-up waste container

Generously sized swept-up waste container means fewer stops to empty it.

  • Sweep right up to the edge

Sweeps thoroughly in every corner, and right up to the wall.

  • Standard: extremely robust sweeping tools

Polypropylene brushes and side brushes: designed to handle the most challenging tasks.

KS 51|VM 45 M
Optional equipment
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Brush and side brushes made of PP + wire

Optimum dust absorption and low wear when used on coarse surfaces, especially outdoors.

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Roller brush nature

Optimum dust absorption on sensitive surfaces is possible with soft natural bristles.

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Side brush guard

Increased protection for machine, brushes and inventory.

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Maximum safety for the environment and users through filtration of fine dust, suspended particles and very small particles.

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Kit Trolley

Convenient transport of the hopper.

KS 51|VM 45 M
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 1260 x 630 x 850 mm
Sweeping principle overthrow
Working width w/o side brushes 510 mm
with 1 side brush 680 mm
with 2 side brushes
Empty weight w/o battery 85 kg
Operating weight 87 kg
Traction / drive
Mode of drive Engine
Traction drive yes
Performance 3 kW
Dust suction yes
Waste container 45 l
Filter size 2 m²
Shaker manual
KS 51|VM 45 M