K 80|40

K 80|40


Perfect entry-level model: lightweight, easy handling, two side brushes move the debris reliably in front of the brush rollers, and the double roller system also collects coarse dirt with ease. Optimum utilisation of the waste container thanks to the overthrow sweeping principle. The compact design enables storage in the smallest of spaces.

Technical key data
  • Theoretical coverage max. 2800 m²/h

  • Working width max.800 mm
  • Suction no

  • Brush motor no

K 80|40
Product highlights
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Dual-brushing system

Perfect sweeping results thanks to two counter-rotating brush rollers.

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Overthrow principle

Effective sweeping: swept-up waste container is filled to the maximum for longer operating periods.

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Sweep right up to the edge

Sweeps thoroughly in every corner, and right up to the wall.

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Tilting steering handle

Fold-away steering handle saves space during transportation and storage.

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Large swept-up waste container

Generously sized swept-up waste container means fewer stops to empty it.

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Standard: extremely robust sweeping tools

Polypropylene brushes and side brushes: designed to handle the most challenging tasks.

  • Robust material

Shock-proof polyethylene housing.

  • Lightweight construction

Excellent stability, without added weight: efficient operation, even on plastic floor coverings.

  • Easy-to-service components

Well thought-through design provides quick and easy access to all vital machine components.

K 80|40
Technical data
L x W x H 800 x 660 x 330 mm
Sweeping principle overthrow
Working width w/o side brushes 470 mm
with 1 side brush
with 2 side brushes 800 mm
Empty weight w/o battery 14 kg
Operating weight
Traction / drive
Mode of drive manual
Dust suction no
Waste container 40 l
Filter size
K 80|40