Escalator cleaning

Step 110

Step 110


A high-quality product “made in Germany” which meets the highest demands for professional escalator cleaning. The Step 110 cleaning machine enables rapid on-site escalator cleaning. The professional wet cleaning of escalator treads and risers requires no intervention in the escalator control system and the escalator can be walked on again immediately after cleaning. Professional escalator cleaning couldn’t be faster or more efficient.

Technical key data
  • Solution tank capacity 20 l

  • Recovery tank capacity 20 l

Step 110
Product highlights
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Unique method

Use the “step” cleaning machine to clean escalators without having to dismantle them or access their control system.

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Simultaneous cleaning

The steps and risers are cleaned quickly, and extremely thoroughly, right up to the edges, in a single process, with no residues of water or chemicals.

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Stable and secure

The centre of gravity is at the very front, so the machine sits safely and securely on the step for maximum operating safety.

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Clean right up to the edge

Cleans right up to the edge of the escalator steps.

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Maximum suction

Powerful suction means that the escalator can be used immediately with no slip risk on steps.

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Can be used anywhere

The “step” cleaning machine can be adjusted to suit all commonly used types of escalator.

  • Convenient display

Easy to operate, with predefined cleaning workflows. Simply set the workflow you require on the easy-view display.

  • Low water consumption

Set the volume of water and chemicals used to suit the soiling level. This also means cleaning can continue for longer.

  • Clever design

The „step“ cleaning machine „climbs“ up step by step as it cleans. When it reaches the top, it can travel back down again on the escalator.

  • Lateral offset

The integrated rollers make it easy to move the machine sideways on the step.

  • Highest quality material

Only by using high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and spray-resistant plastic can we ensure a long service life with low levels of wear, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

  • High-quality brush strips

18 specially shaped low wear brush strips, made of different bristle materials, guarantee the best cleaning results.

  • Easy-to-service design

You don’t need to call in technicians for simple maintenance jobs. You can change the main brushes and wiper brush yourself, to keep running costs low.

  • Automatic shut-off

If the clean water runs out, or the suction flow changes, the machine sounds an audible warning signal and switches off automatically.

  • Compact construction

When the cleaning machine is loaded on a trolley, a single person can easily transport it to its place of use.

Step 110
Optional equipment
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Touch display

Intuitive touch display with many functions for easy operation of the machine. (not retrofittable)

Step 110
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 1094 x 540 x 1001 mm
Working width 520 mm
Noise level 78 +/- 2 dB(A)
Empty weight 164 kg
Batteries / electrical data
Rated current 50 Hz
Rated voltage 230 V
Power max. 2650 W
Solution tank capacity 20 l
Recovery tank capacity 20 l
Low pressure max.. 300 mbar
Air flow max. 162 m²/h
Number 18 + 1
Suction brushes 2
Step height, min. 185 mm
Step height, max. 235 mm
Step 110