Excenter machine

X 500

X 500


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Technical key data
  • Working width 500 mm

  • Ground clearance 335 mm

  • Weight 53,5 kg

  • Speed 2810 rpm

X 500
Product highlights
X500 single disc excenter machine close to the edge
Close to the egde

With their angular pads, our X 500 models get into every corner easily and thoroughly, helping to avoid time-consuming manual follow-up work.

X500 single disc excenter machine adjustable guide bar
Adjustable Guide bar

The ergonomic guide bar on both models is individually adjustable to the user and can be locked in all positions.

X500 single disc machine floor scrubbing excenter machine
Additional weights

With the additional weights, available as accessories, with clever recessed grip and centring, the contact pressure can be increased by 15 kg.

X500 single disc excenter machine tool
Tool onboard

The key for (dis)mounting the additional weights is attached to the machine and is always within reach.

X500 single disc excenter machine silicon bumper
Silicone bumper

The flexible and extremely tear-resistant silicone bumper provides optimum protection for the machine body as well as skirting boards and walls when working  close to the edge.

X500 single disc excenter machine red cable
signal red cable

The mains cable in bright red is made of robust PU, which effectively protects the internal cables from damage.

  • Safe footboard

The footboard is covered with an anti-slip tape to give the user a secure grip when tilting the machine.

  • Innovative hook plate

The flexible design of the hook plate gives the pad optimal support and ensures both comfort and ease of use.

  • Designed to be versatile

When fitted with the appropriate accessories, this machine can handle a multitude of different cleaning tasks.

  • Made in Germany

Robust single-brush machines for daily, long-term use. Tried and tested for over 70 years.

X 500
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 540 x 500 x 1170 mm
Working width 500 mm
Ground clearance max. 335 mm
Working height max.
Noise level 69 db (A)
Weight 53,5 kg
Electrical data
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power total 750 W
Mains cable 12 m
Brushes and pad holders
Speed 2810 rpm
X 500

As a specialist for contract cleaning, columbus offers you, in addition to first-class machines, a wide range of accessories for an individual adaption to your equipment and your requirements.