ARA 100|BM 200 W

ARA 100|BM 200 W


The high-quality 200 liter ride-on scrubber dryer with cylindrical brushes, powerful motor, extremely long battery life, high theoretical coverage and incredible ability to climb 20 percent inclines thanks to its all-wheel drive function is just the type of powerful machine needed for large areas. Perfectly tailored to any application, whether in industry, parking garages, logistics, malls or communal spaces. Also available with disc brushes (ARA 100|BM 200)

Technical key data
  • Tank capacity 200 l

  • Working width 1020 mm

  • Theoretical coverage max. 9000 m²/h

  • Brush pressure80 kg

ARA 100|BM 200 W
Product highlights
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QUICK FILL function as standard

Fill the solution tank quickly and cleanly.

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Comfortable seat

Individually adjustable, ergonomic, includes armrests.

Spray gun as standard

For cleaning the recovery tank, for example.

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Debris container

Stainless steel container that can be removed without tools for easy cleaning.

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Rear impact protection

Highly resilient steel protection for the rear.

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Front LED lamp

For optimum visibility (and thus safety) during operation.

  • Security kit as standard

Maximum operational safety thanks to rotating beacon.

  • Mobile charging station

Convenient tray with integrated USB charging point.

  • Optimum access height

Ideal if the operator has to step on and off frequently during long cleaning periods.

  • Large filling opening

Tanks can be maintained quickly and easily after use.

  • Adjustable brush pressure

Perfect cleaning results: the brush pressure can be adjusted to suit floor characteristics and the soiling level.

  • Made in Germany

Quality from Germany.

ARA 100|BM 200 W
Optional equipment
Manual suction tool

Thorough cleaning, even in difficult areas.

All-wheel drive

For inclines of up to 20 percent. Ideal for multi-storey car parks.

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Rotary side brush

For perfect brushing results near the edges.

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ECD – electronic Chemical dosing system

Only as much chemicals as absolutely necessary; this is good for the environment and the budget.

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Front impact protection

Highly resilient steel protection for the front.

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BluePoint LED Warning light

Increased safety, due to the blue light of the Blue Spot, where there is a lot of traffic from industrial trucks or similar.

ARA 100|BM 200 W
Technical data
L x W x H 1990 x 1120 x 1455 mm
Working width 1020 mm
Suction width 1200 mm
Theoretical coverage max. 9000 m²/h
Noise level 62 dB(A)
Empty weight 485 kg
Operating weight 1160 kg (330 Ah 5)
Batteriea / elektronical data
Rated voltage 36 V
Pover max. 3450 W
Capacity wet, max. 320 Ah 5
Capacity gel, max. 305 Ah 5
Solution tank capacity 200 l
Recovery tank capacity 220 l
Suction motor: low pressure, max. 230 mbar
Suction motor: air flow, max. 32 l/s
Traction: power, max. 1400 W
Traction, speed, max. 9 km/h
Brushes and pad holders
Number 2
Speed 500 rpm
Brush pressure max. 80 kg
ARA 100|BM 200 W