Single disc machine

HS 1601

HS 1601


This powerful and easy-to-control high-speed machine ensures a high-gloss finish on large surfaces. A high shine on even the hardest surface coatings is guaranteed thanks to a speed of 1600 rpm. The mechanical pressure limit reliably protects the floor covering against burns.

Technical key data
  • Working width 500 mm

  • Ground clearance max. 95 mm

  • Weight 42,5 kg

  • Speed 1600 rpm

HS 1601
Product highlights
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Integrated pad holder

The machine comes equipped with a pad holder designed for working at the highest speeds.

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Solid metal construction

Robust cast aluminium housing.

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The machine operates so quietly that it can even be used during working hours.

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Mechanical pressure limit

Adjustable mechanical pressure limit effectively protects floor coverings from damage.

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Made in Germany

Robust single-brush machines for daily, long-term use. Tried and tested for over 70 years.

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Infinitely adjustable steering handle

Work safely and ergonomically with an infinitely adjustable steering handle.

  • Ultra-high speed

High-gloss finish, even on the hardest surfaces.

  • Flat construction

For easy cleaning under radiators, pipes and shelves.

  • Belt drive

The belt drive ensures that the machine runs quietly, even at speeds of up to 1600 rpm.

HS 1601
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 500 x 770 x 1160 mm
Working width 500 mm
Ground clearance max. 95 mm
Working height max. 330 mm
Noise level 66 db(A)
Weight 42,5 kg
Electrical data
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power total 1500 W
Power heater fan
Driving motor
Mains cable 12 m
Brushes and pad holders
Speed 1600 rpm
HS 1601