Industrial vacuum

IDV 20

IDV 20


Powerful with two bypass motors, compact, robust and quiet, and with excellent filtration, this industrial dry vacuum cleaner is recommended for a variety of applications such as vacuum cleaning fine dust, toxic and hazardous materials. The collection container can be removed easily and enables the safe disposal of the collected material. With its extensive range of accessories, this highly flexible vacuum cleaner can be configured for almost any task – also available with HEPA filtration and for use in ATEX areas.

Technical key data
  • Tank capacity 20 l

  • Power max. 2,3 kW

  • AC voltage

  • Dry / wet dry

IDV 20
Product highlights
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Epoxy-lacquered steel

Robust construction: for industrial use and extreme requirements.

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Removable ride-on container

Collected dirt can be emptied quickly and easily.

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High-performance AC current bypass motors

Bypass technology guarantees operating safety: motors cooled by a separate air flow.

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Two individually switchable bypass motors

The motors can be switched on, or off, to suit the specific task.

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Conical polyester cartridge filter, dust class M-compliant, as standard

The dry vacuum cleaner’s 6000 cm² filter surface area ensures long-term operation without loss of suction force.

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Ergonomic lever-operated emptying

The suction container is very easy to empty and remove.

  • Semi-automatic cartridge filter cleaning

Filter surface cleaned efficiently with pressure pulses.

  • Non-marking rollers

Leaves no trace behind: ideal for use at any industrial site.

  • Locking brake

Maximum safety in stationary operation and when emptying.

  • Low pressure display

Continuous monitoring to ensure flawless operation and detect filter clogging.

  • Compact design

Ideal for mobile dust removal, whether in the construction industry or when cleaning buildings.

IDV 20
Optional equipment
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The additional grounding reliably prevents electrostatic charging.

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Filter antistatic class L

Suitable for the usual house dust, sand, gypsum, lime, mica and similar harmless materials. This antistatic Version only for vacuum cleaners with the option “grounding”.

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Filter Dust class M Teflon

Filters with dust class M and PTFE are particularly recommended for the collection of fine particles.

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Filter Dust class H

Suitable for the filtration of hazardous and carcinogenic substances such as mould spores, lead dust and various types of mineral fibres.
Recommended for ATEX Zone 21

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HEPA Filtration

Maximum protection against fine dust

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Filter antistatic class M

Recommended for filtering wood dusts, paint particles and various metal dusts. The dust class M is especially recommended for intensive work with wood, in antistatic design in combination with the earthing option.

  • ATEX, explosion-proof

Explosion-protected for use in highly explosive areas. – ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 or 22.

  • Stainless steel container V2A

The stainless steel version is ideal for use under harsh conditions.

  • Stainless steel container V2A with filter chamber

For special applications (e.g. laboratory conditions) the complete equipment in stainless steel is optimal.

  • Various suction hose lengths and materials on request

A wide range of hose lengths and materials are available for different applications.

  • Further configurations on request

We can configure the appropriate industrial vacuum cleaner for almost all extraction tasks on request.

IDV 20
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 500 x 600 x 1020 mm
Tool connection 50 mm
PVC hose PVC 2,5 m / 3 m, 38 mm
Tank volume 20 l
Filter surface area 30 000 cm²
Filter type Polyester catridge
Filter dust class M
Weight 40 kg
Electrical data
Rated voltage 230 V
Power total 2,3 kW
Mains cable 10 m
Suction motor
Low pressure max. 2500 mm H²O
Air flow max. 360 m³/h
Number of motors 2
IDV 20