TA 50|K 50

TA 50|K 50


This robust carpet cleaning machine enables professional deep and daily cleaning of medium-sized textile floor coverings quickly and efficiently. The powerful suction motor with 333 millibars of vacuum power reliably collects dirt particles from deep within the fibre and the surfaces can be used again quickly. The contact pressure of the brush roller and suction tool can be adjusted perfectly to the pile height.

Technical key data
  • Working width 500 mm

  • Spray volume 4,5 l/min

  • Spray pressure 9 bar

  • Solution tank capacity 50 l

TA 50|K 50
Product highlights
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Cleans textile floor coverings

Powerful deep cleaning for textile floor coverings and upholstery.

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Cleans hard floors

Effective deep cleaning of hard floors.

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Powerful suction

Picks up dirt particles, right down to the fibres. Floors can soon be walked on again afterwards.

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Robust construction

Robustly built for professional use, with two separate high density polyethylene tanks.

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Adjustable water volume

Adjust the volume of water to suit every cleaning task.

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Adjustable contact pressure

Adjust the contact pressure of the brush roller and suction tool to suit any pile height.

  • Clever design

The dirty water tank can be removed easily for transportation in a car.

  • Easy to service

The modular design means the dirty water tank can be emptied quickly and easily.

  • Transparent window in the dirty water tank

Keep an eye on the level of collected dirt particles through the viewing window.

  • Powerful

High-performance professional machine with 9 bar spray pressure.

  • Versatile accessories

Use the versatile accessories to adapt the machine for any task.

  • Appliance socket

Simply plug in any of the additional electrical accessories.

  • Powered brush

Use the powered brush as an automatic carpet-cleaning system.

TA 50|K 50
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 500 x 860 x 950 mm
Working width 500 mm
Suction width 720 mm
Spray volume 4,5 l/min
Spray pressure 9 bar
Weight 55 kg
Electrical data
Power max. 1580 W
Mains cable 15 m
Solution tank capacity 50 l
Recovery tank capacity 50 l
Low pressure max. 333 mbar
Air flow max. 45 l/s
Standard equipment
Floor tool
TA 50|K 50