RA 85|BM 90

RA 85|BM 90


Our newly developed 90-litre walk behind scrubber dryer with many new features is ideally suited for cleaning in industry and logistics. The brush deck with a working width of 850 mm can be raised and lowered electrically. Extremely short set-up times are made possible on the one hand by the automatic brush unit with which the working tools can be changed quickly and easily, and on the other hand by the integrated Quick-Fill connection with which the machine can be quickly filled with 90 litres of fresh water. Two powerful 800 watt brush motors and an adjustable brush pressure from 43 to 73 kg guarantee first-class cleaning results even on very dirty floors. The powerful 980 mm wide suction nozzle picks up the water without leaving any residue even in tight curves and leaves the floor streak-free and immediately accessible.

Technical key data
  • Tank capacity 90 l
  • Working width 850 mm
  • Theoretical coverage max. 3400 m²/h
  • Brush pressure 43-73 kg
RA 85|BM 90
Product highlights
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Automatic brush holder

Change tools quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

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Automatic brush lift

Quickly and conveniently lower the brush deck or put it in the transport position at the touch of a button.

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Adjustable brush pressure

Perfect cleaning results: the brush pressure can be adjusted to suit floor characteristics and the soiling level.

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QUICK FILL function as standard

Clean water tank can be filled quickly and cleanly via the integrated system coupling.

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Ergonomic steering handle

Easily adjustable steering handle, convenient for every operator.

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Superb suction

Guarantees streak-free floors that can be walked on immediately after cleaning.

  • EWD – Electronic water-dispensing system

The electronic water-dispensing system supplies exactly the right volume of water.

  • Silence comes as standard

Ultra-quiet cleaning at only 60 dB (A) in noise-sensitive areas.

  • Functional display

Intuitive and easy to understand for every operator.

  • HACCP-compliant

Large inspection openings enable both tanks to be cleaned thoroughly, with ease.

  • Compact construction

Maximum efficiency for the best possible size.

  • Protective rollers and lateral bumper wheels

Protection for objects and furnishings.

  • Integrated bottle holder

Pre-spray bottle always ready to hand.

  • Made in Germany

Quality from Germany.

RA 85|BM 90
Optional equipment
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V-Eraser mop and wipe disinfection

WHO- and RKI-compliant mop and wipe disinfection on medium to large surfaces.

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ECD – electronic Chemical dosing system

Only as much chemicals as absolutely necessary; this is good for the environment and the budget.

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Tyre equipment “comfort plus”

Different type ofTyres for greater driving comfort.

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High reflection roll

More protection for site and machine.

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Integrated charger

Charge the battery anywhere, with the high-quality integrated charger.

RA 85|BM 90
Technical data
Technical key data
L x W x H 1380 x 890 x 1235 mm
Working width 850 mm
Suction width 980 mm
Theoretical coverage max. 3400 m²/h
Noise level 60 dB(A)
Empty weight 154 kg
Operating weight 436 kg (240 Ah 5)
Batteries / Electrical data
Rated voltage 24 V
Power max. 2340 W
Power cable
Capacity wet 255 Ah 5
Capacity gel 285 Ah 5
Solution tank capacity 90 l
Recovery tank capacity 95 l
Suction: low pressure 110 mbar
Suction: air flow 32 l/s
Traction: power 300 W
Traction: speed 6 km/h
Brushes and pad holders
Number 2
Speed 180 U/min
Brush pressure 43/53/63/73 kg
RA 85|BM 90

As a specialist for contract cleaning, columbus offers you, in addition to first-class machines, a wide range of accessories for an individual adaption to your equipment and your requirements.